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Native Fish

No native fish are utilised in the manufacturing of Charlie Carp. The fish are caught using a mixture of nets, electro fishing and fish traps all native fish are released back into the river systems.

* 1 in 6 native species of fish are now endangered partly because of European carp.

Dolphin Free & Drift net Free

No saltwater fish or marine life are harmed or used in the manufacturing of Charlie Carp.

There’s only one good European Carp and that’s a dead European Carp.

Since being introduced to our waterways, European carp have been responsible for the destruction of vast areas of our precious inland rivers, lakes and streams. Their feeding habits increase the muddiness or turbitiy of the water, river banks are undermined causing trees to fall into the water.

This in turn 'chokes' the river causing many problems for our native fish such as the murray cod, golden perch and catfish. Carp in turn feed on the eggs of the native fish further endangering them.

But once dead, it’s a different story. We turn them into Charlie Carp, the richest fertiliser. Rich because Charlie Carp is made from the whole fish and not scraps like other fish fertilisers. And the richest because this environmental pest is full of protein.

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Why has Charlie Carp gone organic?

As people's knowledge of the environment changes and grows, so too does our need to listen to our customer demands. More and more home gardeners are starting up the 'Backyard Vegie Plot', permaculture is on the rise; and people are becoming more conscious of the products that they are using. Now with Charlie Carp, not only are you ridding Australia's waterways of an introduced pest, but also you can be assured that we can now also offer you CHEMICAL-FREE gardening.

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